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The Permanganates Division is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Potassium Permanganate with applications in diverse industries ranging from chemicals and pharmaceuticals to water treatment, aquaculture, textiles and metals.


There are three manufacturing facilities in all :

At Ambernath (in Maharashtra State),  60 km north of Mumbai  
At  Lote Parshuram (in Maharashtra State), 275 km south of Mumbai  
At Dahej (in Gujarat State), 320 km north of Mumbai  

While in the Indian market, Universal’s name is synonymous with Potassium Permanganate, the product’s quality is well established in North America, West Europe and other markets too.

Universal was the first company in India to receive certification from NSF International, USA for its product (KMnO4).  The product is packed in UN-approved mild steel drums or HDPE drums according to the customer’s preferences.

The Division’s emphasis on continuous innovation and cost reduction forms the basis for its success.

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